Natural Charcoal Pack


This is one of my favourite peel-off-masks (and at this price can you blame me). I believe it is a common misconception that the more expensive the product is, the better it will be. Hey gurl if it works for you don’t listen to them haters.

As a mask lover, peel-off would have to be my favourite subspecies. Personally – whether it’s a placebo or not – I feel like I get a deeper clean when you peel that sucker off, and this one is no exception. I can honestly say that every spec of grime is gently removed (lol jokes it feels like your soul is being separated from your body). Apart from the painful rip, the quick drying formula is amazing for speedy blackhead removal.

This all natural product is great for removing those pesky and stubborn blackheads, and as a ‘ritual cleanser’ the dirt that came out of my nose left me shook.

Overall this product ticked a lot of boxes for me but it loses it effectiveness quickly. The next day my skin doesn’t reap the same effects but with the harshness of the product it is certainly ‘a once a week’ peel.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 4.10.15 pm.png

I would definitely recommend introducing this product into your pre-makeup. It smooths out those areas on your face where your pores tend to be the largest (t-zone) which creates an ultra sleek foundation for a flawless base.

It is not the most gentle of products so I would recommend patch testy for those with sensitive or irritable skin. Apply generously and seriously keep it away from your brows because it leaves no survives when you peel that bad boy off.

Daiso Japan is my lover! 

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