Naked Bean – Coffee Cream Face Scrub/Mask

IMG_0964.jpgI am not a huge fan of coffee incorporated into facial cosmetics so I admit I went into this with low – and I mean very low – hopes.

This is purely a personal thing, for me –

  1. The coffee smell is really potent and when you’re supposed to sit for 3-5 mins. it intensifies almost to the point where you feel like you’re brewing a cup up your nose.
  2. I don’t get that deep clean feeling I get with other masks/scrubs. I think because I don’t normally associate coffee with a sense of ‘being clean’ so I am left – sometimes – feeling dirtier.
  3. I have combination skin and every coffee facial product I have tried tends leave my skin feeling extremely oily and I don’t have time for that.

I applied the product and left it for the recommended 5 mins. I could feel my skin getting tighter yet the product didn’t seem to dry at all…which was weird at first but made sense later down the track. Jumping into the shower the second part of the product, the scrub, came into effect. Just like a normal exfoliator / scrub I gently rubbed it around my face. This was my favourite part of the product! Because the mask didn’t dry it was easy to massage and it was an overall great exfoliate. It wasn’t too rough yet I felt like it still did the job. After I ranted about this emotional rollercoaster rise my mum gave it a go. And oh-my did she have a different experience than I did. Her lines were less defined, her skin was as soft as clouds and she has not stopped talking (joy) about how much she loves the product. So in this case I would highly recommend this coffee cream for mature skin – it honestly has done wonders for my mum.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.01.39 pm.png

In saying that I am all for ‘home-grown’ companies and whilst this particular product wasn’t up my alley, Naked Bean has a variety of products, which are amazing, even for an anti-coffee lover. Their hand and body cream is incredible! You only need a small amount of product to get truly hydrating effect – L.O.V.E (and the scent…it brings back the 90’s feelings where you would try so hard not to taste your newly applied Strawberry Lip Smacker – this was how hard it was for me not to lick my legs. 

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