Bioré – Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser



I honestly don’t know where to start.

First of all I had a hard time selecting a Bioré product from their new charcoal range. A lot of their products tickled my fancy but in the end I went with this deep pore charcoal cleanser.

  • I’m all for the charcoal craze – yay for activated charcoal (whatever that means)
  • Put the word deep and cleanse next to each other and you can have all my dollarydoos

I bought this product and wanted to review it asap for you guys, but it became my favourite and I used it so often I almost hit the bottom of the bottle before I eventually got around to writing this. #soz #notsoz

This cleanser actually had my saying OMG in the shower. The black product (duh coz it charcoal) turns surprisingly into a light greyish foam once applied to your face. The label says “leaves your skin tingly-smooth” and oh boy does it.

You can actually feel the formula drawing out the dirt from your pores only to be instantly replaced with oils from your hands because – oh yeah – your skin is left so dangnabbit smooth you cant stop touching it. The tingly-burn and cold sensation is a 10/10 feeling and this is legit a DEEP CLEAN.

The back of this product does not lie once! My pores do feel twice as clean after just one wash.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 4.33.40 pm.png

I might not recommend this to my fellow sensitive skin fellows just because of how intense the clean is – patch test for sure!

As an oily skin human this charcoal cleanser is perfect for drying up your pesky face yet not leaving it screaming for moisture.

This is now my go to cleanser and I’m legit going to stockpile this in case of a cleanser apocalypse (aka when your fave product gets discontinued / or zombies)

Bioré I cant even!

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