Estēe Lauder – Crescent White


I had high expectations for this cleanser. I heard great things about this particular product and Estēe Lauder is a well-respected brand in terms of their cosmetic line. What could go wrong?

Well our relationship didn’t start off well. Whilst the product looks quite stunning and simplistic it is a highly impractical bottle. With slippery hands in the shower the thick creamy formula is quite hard to squeeze out of the bottle.

The scent is a little on the soapy side and kind of reminds me of what you nan smells like when she has just popped out from the shower.

The formula is lovely! That cream like product, whilst thick, still spreads evenly even if a pea sized amount.

When I tried this product the first time I had a few breakouts on my forehead and lip line. They did not agree with this product. My effected areas were stingy and it was overall unpleasant for my hormone impacted skin.

Once rinsed, my skin was left with a film of an all round sticky situation. When I fully dried I had to go back and rinse my face with a hot face washer and lather on the moisturiser.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 3.51.25 pm.png


Claiming to brighten they skin and prevent the look of dark spots I really didn’t feel like this worked on my skin…at all.

I do think this formula (with matching scent) would be perfect for mature skin.

I’m so sad and yet again left heart broken by another cleanser that my skin hates!

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