Hair Masks

Once upon a time my hair used to be almost touching my bum. I felt like a mermaid and life was great…and then I was introduced to packet dye. Bye bye bye. I can singlehandedly narrow down my mermaid-lock depreciation to that exact moment I picked up a box of hair dye from Woolies.

As a naturally chocolate brunette (and a thicc one at that) hairdressers would come from far a wide to tell me how healthy, strong and beautiful my natural hair was. Flicking my mermaid power off my shoulders I never thought it could end up like this.

I lived through the straightening age as I am #blessed with dead straight hair so those hot tools rarely touched this mermaid.

But when I reached for that bleach blonde packet…that was it.

My hair timeline:

Natural (chocolate) » Black » Red »Purple » Dip dyed (WHO LET ME DO THIS) » Pink » Light brown » “Blonde” » Orange » And today is an attempted balayage (jokes it’s regrowth)

** Insert whinge **


All of these colours have been achieved my home dyes and my light brown colour was actually created by lemons, foil and the sunlight (its legit works)

Heading back to my og hairdresser I confessed my sins so we could move on.

“yes I cut my own fringe”

“yes I used packet dye”

Once we got passed the shaming she told me that my hair strength was still there! I WAS SHOOKETH I TELL YOU.

So now I am on a mission to get that mermaid hair of 07!

This is my journey –

  1. a) Try to wash your hair maximum once a week.
  2. b) Use hair masks to nourish and encourage growth
  3. c) Unfollow every “hairspo” influencer on Instagram that does not have my natural hair colour. I don’t need that in my life!

Because I have quite thick hair, my locks produce less oil meaning I can go longer without shampooing my hair. In the long run this is beneficial because the more frequent you wash your hair the more you wash away those natural oils which protect and nourish your hair. Shampoo actually traps dirt and can actually encourage a dry scalp increasing the chance of breakage.

I’m not saying stop washing you hair all together! If you have excessive oils or your scalp becomes irritated rub-a-dub-dub baby. Remember but everyone’s hair is different which is why there is no blanket rule for when and when not you should wash it.

With a touch up of dry shampoo I can last three weeks without a hair wash. However I’m not an excess sweater, I don’t exercise regularly (lol) and I don’t get that ‘oily’ look along my roots.

Because of all these reasons my hairdresser thinks that because I’m an infrequent hair washer it has contributed to my hair maintaining it’s strength.

One huge factor in getting my goal hair is to encourage growth. A great way to achieve this fast is through hair masks. However my lazy af self has attempted multiple hair masks which lead to disappointment.

Shampooing, conditioning then put a hair mask in and let sit for 15 before washing out! I simply don’t have time for that. And in the winter – what kind of a sick joke is that.

So with my BFF Google and my wage below average I attempted some DIY hair masks.

These hair masks below are using ingredients straight out of your cupboard (yay) and they can be placed on dirty hair (bigger yay!)

These are my two go-to masks to nourish and replenish.

When my hair is feeling drab, dry and damaged.

Mix ½ a cup of honey with ¼ olive oil – zap in the microwave until warm and massage into hair focusing on both your scalp and roots Leave for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.

The olive oil helps bring moisture back to the hair and seals and protects the natural keratin in your strands.

To achieve that Kardashian hair shine and length

3 tbsp of aloe vera, half a lemon and ¼ cup castor oil – mix well and massage into your hair. (For me I have aloe vera plants and I extract their juice goodness and blend all the ingredients thoroughly). Pop on a shower cap and get some beauty sleep. In the morning rinse with warm water. This is said to encourage hair growth whilst nourishing providing beautiful shiny hair.

 From me to you my lovelies! I hope you hair shine blinds you enemies.

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