The cold & flu face mask

I have been sick for the past few weeks. Like not with a cold but the full-blown plague (insert exaggeration here). But seriously with prescribed nasal spray, ear drops and antibiotics I was a walking, sneezing, coughing pharmacy – ew. 

One thing that has really suffered is my skin. My poor old nose was scaly, dry and cracked from blowing my nose every 2 minutes, my cheeks were a constant 10 degrees warmer (and a darker shade of red) than the rest of my body and my whole face was dry.

I wanted a really hydrating mask that would fix this right now (knock-knock millennial here) and I did not want to leave the house to buy something (knock-knock poor and lazy here).

And here it is, my go-to hydrating, moisturising all round AMAZING face mask.


  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1tablespoon of aloe vera gel
  • A chuck of cucumber


Now I am lucky enough to grow my own aloe vera plant so I picked a small-medium sized leaf and scooped out the goodness inside. After mushing it up into a paste, I popped that bad boy into the fridge – oh yeah.

I used a quarter of a Lebanese cucumber peeled and mushed, adding the honey into that mixture. I pulled out my now chilled aloe gel and voila! You’re done. I used a liquid foundation brush to apply and the instant cold sensation had my nose singing hallelujah.

The mask dries super quickly in an almost ‘peel off mask’ sort of way. I did feel my skin tightening but not too much to irritate my dry skin. And even though I applied a super thick layer it dried in under 10 minutes. I was really surprised by how it didn’t run. Whilst I am not the biggest fan of sheet masks the do give you some serious moisture but the slip and slide all over the place – I am a busy girl, I don’t have 20 minutes to lie down STILL in a position that I can’t rotate my head to see the TV. So for this mask not to run and to be hydrating….I felt like I hit the jackpot.

To all the Australian’s out there (or the pale folk) remember that feeling when you spray aloe vera on your sunburn…this is that same euphoric sensation. Can I get an amen!

Now I rinsed mine off instead of peeling because I was still wary of my scales skin.

I popped the left over mixture in the fridge excited for another hydration station the next night. 24 hours past and I opened the fridge enthusiastic to hit that high again after blowing my nose 4000 times that day. My clear gel mask was pink! After a quick Google I found out that aloe vera gel turns pink when decomposing. Not one to shy away from something pretty and pink, I popped the now princess mask and still received the same outcome as the night before.

However the smell was a tad potent and now that I think about it…I probably wouldn’t do that again. But hey – I have told at least 4 people about this pink aloe fact so education right! Cheers Google.

This is certainly my go-to DIY mask when I’m sick – and these are my reasons why:

  • Hydration level was astronomical. My wind burnt, dry scaly face was instantly moisturised.
  • How quickly I got results
  • When I’m sick strong scents (apart from eucalyptus) make me gag – so I was grateful for this un-scented delighted.

So thanks nature for fixing a gal up!

PS – I definitely recommend getting your own aloe plant. They are so useful in all things beauty and they don’t requiring constant attention. Trust me the real thing is better than the bottle.

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