Sephora Collection – Pomegranate face mask



Well as you know I am not the biggest fan of sheet masks. The slippery suckers never stay in place and my face always ends up a sticky mess. So I was prepared to be disappointed with Sephora’s pomegranate sheet mask. I was now the brand new owner of Sephora’s Mask Party – it’s a cute little pack containing face, eye, feet and hand sheet masks. So a lot more sheet reviews coming your way!

Pomegranates are currently an ‘it’ product thanks to Kylie Jenner constantly snapping them…so why not put them on your face too! High in antioxidants this mask is supposed to wipe blemishes and diminish discoloured skin.

Confession…I went out last night and did the biggest no no of all time…I didn’t take off my full face of makeup. However shout out to NYX Dewy setting spray cause I woke up still slaying.

So I was really after a hydrating / apologising mask to my poor face. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The mask smelt delicious and the sheet mask my face perfectly. It was super slimy trying to delicately unravel it and I had my doubts as to whether it would hold tight. Insert apology to Sephora. It stayed! For the entire 15 minutes the mask did not move! Instead of feeling like I have wasted 15 minutes because I have had to lye down with a sheet mask on, I was actually able to walk around and do things without it impacting on my life!

My skin greeted the icy cold mask with open arms and the berry-like scent had my nose thanking me.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 4.23.09 pm

The mask slowly dried between my top lip and nose however, which was weird. I left it on for the recommended 15mins and it was ready to come off. The cold sensation didn’t last the entire time, which was disappointing, but overall it was nice. When I peeled it off it left some gooey product on my face, which I gently massaged into my skin. My face soaked up all excess liquid. While most sheet masks leave behind too much sticky product to massage in, I felt like this mask could have left a little more. I think this is due to it drying up whilst on my face. It wasn’t as sticky as other sheet masks though, which was AMAZING! But it still didn’t leave my face feeling refreshed.

I really enjoy those facemasks that keep you feeling like the goddess you are when you remove them. And this one just didn’t tick that box for me.

I still have a whole heap of sheet masks left from my Mask Party pack so I am keen to keep going, who knows hopefully I will find a winner.

Overall this wasn’t horrible but it just didn’t cut it for me, I know there’s better out there.


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