The Park Hyatt : The Spa

For my mum’s birthday my sister and I really wanted to do something extra to celebrate how much of a ten she is. And what a better way than to purchase a gift that secretly is for you – they are like the best kind of gifts. We decided to buy a spa treatment at the Park Hyatt for all three of us. Surprisingly this dream became reality when we released the price tag was not too hefty. Expecting it to be Sydney house price dollars, the treatment we picked snuck in for $130pp for 60mins.

Our treatment was The Native Hibiscus

Restore radiance and hydration with this finely detailed all-organic body exfoliation, using detoxifying Australian hibiscus blended with fine jasmine rice, coconut and camellia oils to rejuvenate even the most sensitive skin. This is followed by a full-body massage-style body soufflé application to leave the skin glowing and nourished.

Boy oh boy. I was instantly impressed when we rocked up and were personally escorted to the spa located a few floors up. Apart from the obnoxiously loud guests checking out of the Spa the entrance was just how you expect a middle of the range spa (which was a little disappointing). However we were ushered into the waiting room and were given some delicious tea…I mean this tea was made out of angel’s tears. It warmed my insides and instantly uplifted me.

The treatment:

Moving into the rooms the masseuse was very professional but yet super approachable at the same time.

She dripped warm oil over a section of by body before massaging the scrub. The warm oil drizzling over my skin was an amazing sensation and it prepared my skin of the next step of the treatment. The scrub was slightly scented which was good because those spa rooms tend to be taken over by all the smells of the products and all the other aromas…sometimes your nose just needs a break!

The scrub was finer than I expected yet due to the constant friction of the massage it made sense why a less coarse product was chosen for this particular treatment. When it was time to wash off it honestly felt like I had grown a new skin. I was so soft…like you know that goddess felling you get with fresh shaven legs…this but 3000 times more.

{ Okay so side note – I was really enjoying it thus far but the rooms weren’t super sound proof and the very annoying loud spa guests were getting super obnoxious and ruining my peaceful time. For a fancy pants spa I feel like they should have hushed the other guests. }

Silky smooth and dry I jumped back on the bed under the silk sheet. The masseuse walked back in and gave me a quick massage over the silk sheet…after re-reading this sentence I know this sheet rub sounds odd, but trust me, this was sensational (and I am now on the hunt for silky sheets).

The sheet was then peeled off and the “body soufflé application” began. This tropical scented Ikou product was not only delightful for the senses but my skin was soaking up all its goodness.

The massage itself was lovely but it was only a 15-minute massage and I was left needing more. In hindsight however this was a body treatment using massage techniques so I should not have expected a full rub down.

After the massage we moved back into the waiting room for more tea, cookies and three different types of water each infused with fancy floaties (lemon, cucumber and ice).

The results-

I got this treatment Saturday morning and I was silky smooth until Monday. My skin has never had a more hydrating weekend and I feel like wintertime is the perfect season to give your body some hydrating love. My Mum however who has quite dry skin continues to reap the benefits weeks on. Her elbows in particular have seen amazing results! And my sister who suffers from eczema also saw long-term benefits. So for more middle of the road average Jacqueline I missed out yet again. But overall I felt like a princess (the princess I am) and would 100% do it again and you should too coz you are all princess too!

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