Lush – FOMO Jelly Face Mask


Yasss Lush!

Not only am I a huge Lush product supporter (like try and go in there and not buy anything…I triple dog dare you) I also agree with the ethical side of their business.

Cruelty Free √

Organic   √

Vegan  √

I always have a soft spot for companies that stand up for the rights of animals and use fresh organic ingredients. Sometimes putting chemicals on your skin can make it worse #freshisbest and I always try and live by this. Whenever my skin starts acting up I know I need to go easy on the harsh ingredients and go back to a good ol’ fashion natural fix (usually an aloe mask).

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 4.47.06 PM.png

After spending a few days in the snow my skin was suffering from a horrible mix of wind and sun burn. Before bed i was lathering my skin in vaseline and no joke (okay maybe a little) within half an hour my skin had soaked up the moisture.

So when my Mum <cheers> bought me the FOMO pot from Lush I knew I was in for a good time. I hadn’t tried to jelly mask range from there yet and was keen. However I quickly found that it was more of a novelty and is rather hard to use. Pinching the perfect amount is a task in itself as it didn’t break off in neat pieces.

Then you rub the jelly in your hands and apply the mixture on your face. this was 10/10 messy. In saying all this but….it is pretty fun. I felt like a little kid playing with slime. The application was also a 10/10 experience.

I’m not a big fan of the smell that calamine and rose have so I didn’t really rate the scent. However it dried super fast, so if you’re after a quicky add this to your list.

It dried really lovely also – tight and firm yet when I touched it to check if it was dry it was the softest thing my hands have ever touched. The stuff angels are made out of I am sure. Lush KUDOS you magnificent mastermind.

Whilst I did not notice a huge change in my skin I certainly felt a sense of calmness from the product.

I don’t think FOMO was quite right for my skin but hey this girl ain’t quitting yet. Watch this space for more jelly masks to come.

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