Jacqueline Mey is a lover of print media and dreams that one day her children will grow up in a world where check-outs will still be over flowing with gossip, real life, beauty and fashion magazines.

Mags have always been a huge part of her life whether it was covering her walls with Zac Efron posters, anxiously tearing open the sealed section or even using her hip-high stacks of Vogue as bedside tables instead of actual furniture.

Working in publications has always been a huge aspiration of hers and she has currently made her mark on Who, The Western Advocate, Prevention, that’s life! and Girlfriend. In addition she has worked across radio and social media in other soul-searching ventures.

As a word lover and dream catcher Jacqueline invites you all to take this expedition with her (into the wide world of blogging) as she changes her mind daily on whether T-Swift is friend or foe and gives her incredibly opinionated views on her three loves beauty, food and travel.

With her journalism degree in her back pocket  wedged between her vaccination records and her ’07 tax return she hopes that meyI inspires others to chase their dreams no matter how hard they may seem. I mean she did get a job during the biggest print media redundancy rollout…no biggy.

meyI is everything you expect – an underwhelming peep (with a touch of over sharing) into the average life of Jacqueline.

xx J

I whole-heartedly encourage jokes of the day and I accept all other enquires at jacqueline_mey@hotmail.com

Terms and conditions of site entry – you acknowledge that the day Jacqueline gets invited to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show she will consider herself as kween and shut down this blog in triumph of her success