For the past few months I have been stuck in between this really weird place, personally.

Working across two extremely different magazine titles which both tickle my fancy in various ways have resulted in this inner struggle I did not see coming.

Fashion and beauty feed my girly side, which has seen me, dive deep into the world of needing designer handbags, clothes and makeup.

Real life feeds my aspiration to just forget about materialistic things and focus on your experiences. It has made me want to pack up and leave – travel around the world with everything I own on my back. And keep my family close.

It has been a really hard (first world problems I know) struggle for me internally. I just feel like I can’t do both.

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Handing over the plastic and forking out an exorbitant amount of money for a Hermes wallet – just because – whilst buying cheap wine and having a laugh with my girlfriends at some random country pub where your feet stick to the floor.

I feel like I have to pick a side…

After confessing my internal debate with my partner he comforted me because he is also in this state – not the state of accidentally dropping your $500 handbag in a toilet because of said cheap wine – but at the crossroads of where his life is leading.

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We are at the beginning of our careers; we are both loving our jobs…yet we want to buy an old van, travel around and leave everything behind. With no responsibilities we could stop wherever, drive wherever – just live. If my job at a real life magazine has taught me it is that life is short. Unexpected things happen, live the life you want to live.

So I have had this lifestyle tab open for a while because I wanted to feed that other part of me, I just didn’t know what with. Now I do – travel.

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Travelling is an amazing thing. I honestly believe you learn more from experiencing something that hearing or reading about it.

Because no matter how many times you tell that kid not to touch the stove, until they touch it the wont truly know…and those bugger always touch it. But you know what they will only do it once. Experiences – good or bad – are the best form of education; they are the key to knowledge. You know the saying you don’t know because you weren’t there?

Well I want to live by this motto. Whilst i have travelled to so many places around the world I have recently realised that there are so many more at my doorstep. I may be on a journalist wage with my HECS debt still looming above my head but I am going to try to squeeze more experiences into my life. So this is my lifestyle. Wish me luck.


Also me RN after reading this post –

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